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May 26, 2010
Out of all the breeds I have raised over the years, I can honestly say that the Modern langshan has become my top ten breeds. Why are they so over looked? You never see people really talking about them. They are such good egg laying machines. And the bulk and weight is so dense. They're excellant utility birds! Plus they're gorgeous and so docile to be such big birds. I guess its a good thing because their natural abilities have not been wiped clean turning them into show birds with tons of feathering making them useless for anything other than looks. I believe that people should really see what these birds are capable of and get them a couple for there back yard and they'll see what a treasure they have been over looking.
With me, it has been two things - One, their only available colors are blue, black, splash, and white. I'm no fan of white birds, have too many BBS birds. Two - It took me a while to get used to such short back, long legs, and high set tail. If I'm to like a long legged bird, it would be a gamefowl. If I'm to like a short back, it's on a large, fluffy Wyandotte. If I'm to like a high tail, it's, umm. . . I guess on a gamefowl.

But, I've been loving their "extreme" appearance more and more through the days, (especially illustrating them!) and will certainly agree with you, however I think they're just as underrated as a lot of other breeds out there, too. They're also not very common either. I myself plan to get some good stock and help the population with breeding and showing them sometime soon, but the colors thing just sets me off a little.
I see where you are coming from. The one thing about the long legs on a Modern Langshan is that there is a large body that comes with it unlike most long legged gamefowl. The Langshan is unique and does take a true connoissuers taste to really appreciate their beauty as far as in looks. But the one thing that sets them apart is their true dual purpose nature thats rivals others is egg laying and being a good meat bird. But I wouldn't despair just yet with color, I've been working on two new colors the past couple years for the Modern Langshan. I got lucky about five years ago and stumbled across an older gentleman in his late seventies that had been raising Modern Langshans for years. Needless to say, I got some dang good Modern Langshan stock to work with. I'm not a huge fan of the Croad or the Austrailian version of the Langshan because I personally like a long legged big bodied bird. My Modern Langshan girls have the thickest meatiest backs of any bird of owned yet. I wonder if it's because such a big bird has to mount them, just a quick thought on that.
If you really want to get technical with the Langshan. I bet alot of people didn't know that Langshan blood is in Marans and alot of other breeds. They were used to add size to other breeds and help with egg laying problems of others.
But you can look at this in many different ways. At least the Modern Langshan has not been altered very much due to it not being that popular of a bird for much other than infusing blood into others. I was reading an article a while back and I can see where the author was coming from as well. It basically sums it up on their popularity. I'll paste a link and tell me what you think.?
I believe I am confused. The Modern Langshan is another type of fowl altogether. The Modern Langshan looks to be this type of fowl:
Note the long legs similar to a Modern Game?

The Langshan of today reminds me of the Croad from England. Except, that the Croad birds do not have the Croad name in the US. Croad Langshans were originally named after Major Croad who imported them first into England. The Croad bird is more heavily feathered than the Modern Croad (which is either extinct or nearly extinct) and has more depth of body than the Modern appears to have.

Unless you have found someone that has the actual Modern or what some are calling the German Modern? Can you post photos of your birds? I am very interested in seeing them!
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There's so many depictions of what a Langshan is. I know what a true Modern Langshan looks like. What I call a Modern Langshan doesn't look like a gamefowl. Mine have the long legs with the big body. I don't think they look like a Croad or an Austrailian Langshan. Maybe I should just call them American Langshans, lol. Either way I love my Langshans and don't understand why they're not as popular as other breeds. It kinda makes me happy knowing I have a non tainted breed but at the same time I wonder why people don't see what I see. Which is a dang good breed of poultry.
Took these two pictures of bantam Lanshans at the German National show in Frankfurt in Dec. They were a breed that caught my eye. They also had standards but I didn't take a picture of them. I hope to you enjoy.

Groundhighchickenguy, could you please post photos so that we can see what you are speaking of with your birds?

ghulst! Those are gorgeous German Langshans! I so wish we could have some here...maybe one day I will import them when I win the lottery...
I need to get some glamour shots done, lol. We got rain all weekend so I'll take some piccs maybe late Sunday or Monday. I'm kinda new on here so I might need some coaching on how to post pics on this thread. If anybody else has any Langshans please post them on here!
When I first got Langshans I got them for their size and beauty. But boy oh boy did I find a treasure. Over time I have became so impressed with them and have tried finding people with my enthusiasam. So I figured I would just put a post on here to see if I could find others that share my passion for them. I'm a big fan of dual purpose breeds anyways. I've had Rhode Island Reds, Plymouth Rocks, Dominique, Orpingtons, Wyandottes, and Jersey Giants. Non of them hold a candle to my Langshans in egg laying thus far. The eggs are medium to large size. Colors vary from tinted brown to medium brown. I'm working on getting the egg color a little darker through my projects. I'm looking on at least another five to six years to get some completion on the new plumage and egg color. Hopefully all goes well.

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