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  1. I have been a very neglectful chicken mama. I went to clean out the brooder for our new pullets (they are nearly 5 months old and in quarantine in the garage). Last week, instead of emptying out the wood shavings, I tossed some more on top and mixed them around like we do in the coop. Today, I saw one pullet had a runny poop and decided I needed to clean out the brooder. The shavings smelled like ammonia (though the brooder is basically a wire cage with a linoleum bottom) though the air smelled fine inside the cage. I picked up a brick that I have their food and water resting on and discovered mold or mildew beginning to grow on its back side (facing away from the birds).

    The pullets seem fine. No more runny poops. I've given them yogurt and organic apple cider vinegar in their water. Anything else I can do for them and what should I watch out for in terms of exposure to the mold/mildew?

    Thanks in advance

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    They will likely be fine as long as they didn't eat any of it. Mold exposure can lead to liver problems over time, but once will probably not be a problem. Bleach the bricks, feeder, and waterer to kill any spores.

    Good luck.
  3. Thanks for the reply! I will.
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