Molt or being picked on????


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Aug 8, 2015

Hi! I know these are not the best pictures but maybe someone can give some feedback as to what is going with my hen Peep's feather loss on her head? She is about the age to molt and I do see some pin feathers but am kind of worried maybe someone is picking on her or she has mites? I have one other hen the same age who is losing feathers now all over but not on her head. Any info would be so appreciated! It does not look like an open wound or anything and I do have a 4 month old rooster. He does not seem to bother anyone yet. Thanks : )


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Mar 9, 2014
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I think someone is picking on her head. Perhaps they think she is taking to long to lay an egg or just being mean.

I would put some blu-kote or pick no more on her and see if that helps.

I used pick no more on a Polish that someone thought had to much poof. Her feathers grew back quickly so I KNOW someone was picking on poor Jennifer.

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