Molting Ameraucana

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    Sep 15, 2014
    SW Iowa
    I have an Ameraucana of unknown age that seems like she has been molting since we got her (Late August). She was giving us one egg every other day or so. She really started molting a few weeks ago (sparse feathers on her neck, back) and has stopped laying all together. She has also recently started sleeping in the nesting boxes at night. It just started getting very cold the last few days. Could it be that she is just cold, or could she be ill? I have noticed her on the roost a few nights, but she seems to prefer the nesting boxes. She acts fine otherwise. I'm fine letting her sleep in the nesting box at least during her molt and these cold nights, and I don't mind cleaning out the nesting box more often, but I just wonder if there could be more going on?

  2. sunflour

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    Jan 10, 2013
    I think one of my hens may also be doing that. All 6 are molting, none are broody. But several days over the past 2 weeks, poop in one of the nest boxes. My girls are 21 months old. Thought about sneaking out at nite to see if one is there, but too cold for me.

    If she is acting normally in all other ways, it may just be related to the molt.
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    My americauna hens are now molting as well. Tis the season! :) They don't lay when they are in their heavy molt pattern, but it's only temporary.

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