molting chickens not growing feathers back.


10 Years
Oct 5, 2009
Parthenon, Arkansas
my first chicken started her molt about 3 months ago - she has lost many around the neck and back - the common areas. about 3 others have molted also but none of them are growing their feathers back in. is this normal? they are all just over a year old. they have great nutrition - organic layer feed, fresh water and lots of organic veggie scraps. temps have not been extreme. they have plenty of room in their large coop and run and i let them out 2 or 3 days a week to free range. any idea why the feathers are not growing in or is it normal after 3 months to still have them gone? thank you!

That does sound a bit long for a molt to go on without signs of new feather growth. I would do an extra thorough check for mites. Also, up their protein - scrambled eggs, yogurt, cheese, BOSS (black oil sunflower seed); all healthy protein boosters.
Usually they grow back pretty smartly, but not always.

I have an ancient Warren......5 yrs plus (that is ancient for a Warren), she has had a bald back for over 9 months now. Treated for lice, internal parasites etc, but no re-growth. She lays 5 eggs a week still. I have given her a permanent and waterproof poultry saddle now to keep her warm more than anything else. The winters are pretty cold here and summers wet. She remains feisty and otherwise I reckon she must have age-related feather loss or male-pattern baldness.....
thanks for the input. i'll up the protein. yes, the baldest one also is a great layer, is active and is "head hen". no apparent sign of anything wrong except for being mostly on the back and neck!
OP- are you sure it's molting? I saw in your signature you have 9 hens and one roo?Just curious if it could be not enough hens for your roo.I have some bare-backed hens with head feathers missing as well right now from too many roos(which I rectified)....just a thought.
Just another thought. Do you have roosters? They wear off the back feathers pretty effectively. My most popular girls all wear saddles in the summer.
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