Molting in February?


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I've got 6 pullets, all born last spring (March and April I think). One went through a light molt this fall. Then another one started a month or so ago - she's finishing up now. Today I noticed white pin feathers on three more.

Is this normal? I thought they were supposed to molt in the fall? I had a feather pecking problem this winter (solved now thank goodness!). Are their bodies going into molt in order to regrow the feathers that they lost? This would make sense, except the girl who had the worst pecking damage is the only one who hasn't started. Her feathers haven't started growing back at all! The ones who are molting now are all showing pin feathers around their faces and necks, and the pecking damage is all by their butts.

Is molting in February something I should be worried about? Thankfully it's been a mild month, so I'm not too worried about them freezing.

Mine were hatched last April/May and have been molting heavily since the first week in January.... I'm Hoping it ends soon, because I miss my eggs. Molting in birds has more to do with the amount of light and food types they can have... and good (high/warm) temps.
Ah - that explains it! I was giving them added light in the mornings and getting lots of eggs until early January. My room mate moved out and I decided I didn't need as many eggs and I gradually decreased their light in the morning. That's when they started this molting thing (and stopped laying almost entirely!) Their bodies must have thought it was autumn.....

Every day I learn something new about chickens!

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