Molting in July?


Jun 7, 2018
SF Bay Area
I have 6 chicken - 4 are 4.5 years old and 2 are 1.5y old. For the past week only 2 have been laying, one 4.5y and one 1.5y. Now I noticed feathers of my BCM (4.5x) all over the coup. I live in the SF Bay Area we went through some cooler cloudy days last week, could that have triggered molt? Early July feels just too early to molt.
I've got 2 hens in molt now and what looks like one more starting. Two or three of my roosters are starting to molt as well. It's been ridiculously hot here and I think the extreme temps triggered this. Two of my roosters are in natural light 24/7 (they choose to sleep in a secure run so exposed to 100% natural light. I don't use any artificial light), so I'm going with this being natural. I agree with LadyofMc 100% 💜

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