Molting, mites or something else?

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    I have 4 chickens that are around 1 years old. My plymouth rock is going through a tough time right now. She started showing signs of molting in the middle of the summer, losing feathers around her neck (and no we don't have a rooster) and back area. I treated it as if she was molting by giving her extra protein and keeping an eye on her. She would lay strange shaped eggs with light pigmentation and rough spots on the bottom of the egg. About 2 months ago I started to notice she was scratching a lot and then thought it must be mites! I couldn't find any signs of mites but I used DE (as well as "Y-Tex Gardstar Garden & Poultry Insecticide" on them) in the coop and on her and the other chickens a few times a few weeks apart. She started to show some relief and grew a few tiny thin patches of feathers back where she had lost them and laid 1 or 2 good eggs.. but now i'm noticing her bald patch on her back looks very red and she was scratching again. She laid a soft egg and then hasn't laid since. Also as a side note, she hasn't been losing anymore feathers, its just the same bald patch on her neck and low back still. Any ideas or suggestions? Thank you!![​IMG]



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    It could be mites or could be the others picking on her. DE will do nothing for an active mite infestation. You will have to likely go the chemical route. Check closely around the vent, under the wings and on the head for mites or lice. They are super tiny and hard to see but can be seen.
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  3. It could be mites?? I would not use DE around my Chickens or myself...It is terrible for your lungs....

    I think what your dealing with is Feather pecking...Nutrition is key with laying hens..Lots of bad behaviour is caused by Nutrition and boredom...
    You do not have to try this...
    This is how I feed and care for my flock..This is started once my pullets are over 18 weeks or when the first egg is laid... I feed Layer pellets and Grower crumble at a 50/50 ratio till my Pullets turn a year old..Oyster shell and granite grit out at all times in a separate bowl..To encourage my Pullets to eat oyster shell I also make a bowl of mixed oyster shell, Granite grit, handful of oat and barley crumble and a handful of scratch....Treats for layers should be fed at 5%..Meaning a Tablespoon per bird a day..
    I give treats once or twice a week...
    In my Run I have low roosts, high roosts, stumps and a swing...My run is sand so plenty of dust bath areas...
    I free range everyday as long as it is not storming....


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