Molting, or something more serious?

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    Hi all!

    I have 4 Egyptian Fayoumis hens who have been laying for the last 6-7 months (approx). Laying has decreased dramatically recently, but I understand that is normal for this time of year. The are normally free range all day (6am-roost, when they are locked in). The last week or so we have been getting FLOODING rains in my part of the country so I have been leaving them in the coop to prevent the poop on my patio all day. One of the hens has lost almost all of the feathers on her neck. She looks like a turkey almost. and some of the tail feathers appear to be missing as well. And another seems to be suffering the same fate, but much less severe. How can you tell if this is molting or getting picked on? The coop is a very spacious two story structure, with an adjoining run. Nest boxes, roost, cute little ladder, etc. Seems like plenty of space. I went ahead and added a vitamin mix to their water. Advice? Are they too young to be molting? Is it the fact that they are confined?


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    what is molting, and what make chickens day big eggs.
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