Molting Question


10 Years
Jun 18, 2009
East Tennessee
Have 4 breeds, 24 pullets, now 16 weeks. They are molting, but none look bad like I hear stories of. Is it because they are so young? I do give them fresh daily organic stuff from our garden from when they were only 1 week old. (Still have some tomatoes and lots of peppers due to deliberate overplanting.)
At 16 weeks, moulting should not be the issue. Chickens moult after the first year of their lives. It is the right time of year, but if they are losing feathers, I would look for other reasons. At this age they don`t even have their mature plumage in yet.......Pop
I was thinking the same as pops... 16 weeks is way to early to be moulting? I have some that are moulting but they are approaching 1 yrs old. Id look for lice/mites etc-look by their vents and make sure there's no creepy crawlies roaming about-then searchign teh rest of them-they haven't even laid an egg yet... Hope all is well with them and it's just a flooky thing?

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