11 Years
Mar 5, 2011
Traverse City, MI
Is my chicken molting or is there something wrong with her? Her legs are not normally this scaly looking. Usually she has a nice
pink comb and she's a beautiful chestnut color. She's eating, drinking and acting like herself.

And...this is her on our camping trip with a broken leg and she still looks great! She's my baby and I am hoping that someone will tell me she's OK.

Please? Someone tell me what's going on...not that anyone cares but I just finished two weeks of parent teacher conferences so I'm a "little" stressed.
I came on tonight to find out the same thing about my girls. They look dull and pitiful with patches of feathers that are not as full and lovely as usual.

Probably just molting, if I find anything else out, I'll come back to you. In the meantime, the thread is bumped.
Not sure if the cold will kill pests, and I think if one has it, the others probably will if not already so it couldn't hurt to treat them all. Worst case you get some chickens who like massages on their feet :)

Good luck!

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