Momma abandoned chick

Gary palmer

Jul 13, 2017
So I made a mistake and didn't close off my broody right away and other eggs got laid in her box. She hatched the first two a couple three days ago. A third was hatched this morning when I woke up. She's not that interested in the new chick and I even saw her peck at it a little. She took the first two outside and left the new one in the coop. It can't really get around that well yet. What should I do? Also there are two more unhatched eggs in her box that definitely have chicks inside.
Staggered hatch stinks and usually the early or the late hatchers will make the sacrifice. :barnie

If you can keep that one in a brooder or another incubator... you can try tucking them under mama in the middle of the night once they CAN get around. I do this all the time, but never staggered that far apart. Or be prepared to raise them yourself. :fl

You can also label the eggs under a broody nice and clear (pencil rubs off I use marker) and check each evening to collect new additions for future reference. :)

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