Momma duck isn't hatching out remaining eggs


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Nov 29, 2017
Friday our ducks started hatching. We started with 12 in the nest. 1-3 hatched Friday. 4-7 hatched Saturday but she kept stepping on 7 and it didn't end up making it. So we removed the already hatched babies so she wasn't stepping on them and could focus on her remaining eggs. This morning we got up and number 8 died with its beak sticking out but never hatched and she wouldn't go to her nest. I removed the dead baby but she still is making a bunch of noise and won't sit on the remaining 4. What should I do?! There is one that has been moving for several hours and I'm afraid it's never going to get out either with her ignoring them. Any advice Is much appreciated!
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If you don't have an incubator, give them to a broody hen or put them in the oven at 99F. When they hatch, you can introduce them back to the duck and she'll take them in

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