month frm now chicks needa be in coop byt cant because rooster

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    Sep 25, 2015
    I have a year old rootser who hasnt experienced everything yet.He is alone at taking care of the flock now.

    I got some new chicks.And I let them forage across the yard with me.Well Zeus has never experienced chicks and has been farely aggressive with the chicks.He chases them and he even grabbed one on its neck/back and flubg it in the air and pretty for sure his spurs hit the chicks with much power.Luckily the chicks remains ok with no back feathers.She was only 3 weeks when it happened and this week 4 weeks.
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    Can you section the chicks or the rooster off? Even temporarily. If there is a way to get your roo into a large dog crate in the run where he can see the pullets and interact with them through the wire but can't get to them, perhaps they can safely get to know each other? My solution in this situation would be to build a second coop for your chicks and align the run where all of the chickens can interact and eventually their run can be opened and they can merge, but the chicks sleep in a separate coop.
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    How old is the rooster and how old are the chicks?
    Did you introduce the chicks from a safe place for a few weeks or just put them right into the flock?

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