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    It's that time of year again!!!

    Yes, folks, more annoying songs that get incessantly played until you could SCREAM. By the way, this was all Eenie's idea, so if you don't like it, blame her. [​IMG]

    For the record, in italics is the list of annoying songs from last year.

    Santa Claus is Coming to Town - Yes, by all means, let's sing about a fat jolly guy in the habit of spying on people and then breaking and entering. Gets played WAY too much.

    Here Comes Santa Claus - This one seems to me to be extremely materialistic. The only celebration/giving of thanks mentioned is for the aforementioned fat guy that gives you free stuff.

    Feed the World (not sure if that's the actual name of the song) - This is played every half hour. I have no idea why, but it's mind-blowingly annoying.

    Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer - What does a flying deer with a radioactive nose have to do with Christmas, aside from his association with the fat guy?

    Frosty the Snowman - This one baffles me even more. A possessed snowman? How on Earth does that relate in any way to Christmas, aside from its brief, insignificant mention in the song?

    CHRISTMAS SHOES!!! - This is so sugary sweet and sappy that I could puke. Seriously, the kid's mom is DYING, and he's out buying her shoes?! Priority check, please! By far the most annoying.

    Chipmunks - This is playing right now, and it's honestly just flat-out creepy. The high-pitched voices are really grating my nerves, too. ALVIN!!! SHOW YER HEAD SO I CAN BLOW IT OFF!

    So, obviously, the possessed snowman and the radioactive talking steak are back. Glorification of the fat home invader is obligatory, of course. Now, on to the ones NOT mentioned in last year's list.

    Feliz Navidad (sp?) - Why? Just, why? Half of it is in Spanish, and the other half is THE EXACT SAME THING, over and over. One person suggested that it was sorta like It's a Small World in Disney World, in that it's almost obligatory - it just sorta comes with the Christmas season for no real reason, is unbelievably annoying, and sticks in your head like a crooked icicle being repeatedly twisted by Santa's elves.

    The Little Drummer Boy - So. Freaking. Annoying. Ba-rumpumpum-bum! SHUT. UP. It has no real meaning, and like Feliz Navidad, it's mostly the same thing over and over. I somehow doubt that the kings had a drummer with them. [​IMG]

    Any, and I mean ANY, old Christmas carol mutilated by a singer with something to prove - Seriously. Somehow, so-called singers have managed to MURDER some of my favorite carols, including, but not limited to, Joy to the World, "Hark!" The Herald Angels Sing, and O Come, All Ye Faithful. They were meant to be sung by a CHOIR, not by an overly-enthusiastic singer who insists on going all over the place with their voice and mutilating the tune. Hark, the heraaAAAaald aAAaangeeEEEeeels sing! [​IMG]

    Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer - This song is so dumb that I am truly unable to think of a snarky comment. Wait, here comes one... Yes, let's sing a song about someone's grandma getting killed by an apparently homicidal Santa Claus. It doesn't even fit with Christmas, which is about Someone's birth!

    Santa, Baby - Lady, PLEASE go do us all a favor and get lost in Canada in winter. This is the single greediest, self-centered, least-filled-with Christmas spirit song I've EVER heard. The freaking nasally voice does NOT help.

    Commercials - Yes, commercials. Remember when Charlie Brown was complaining about how commercial Christmas has gotten? That was thirty or forty years ago. Over half of the time on the radio is taken up by commercials that mutilate Christmas songs to advertise their products.

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    Have you heard "Chipmunks roasting on an open fire?"
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    ...Where have you been all my life?!

    Reading all of that had me nodding and chuckling the entire time. I guess just be glad there isn't such a thing as Halloween music? [​IMG]

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    Quote:No, no I have not. THAT sounds like fun. [​IMG]

    Burdbrain, glad someone agrees with me. [​IMG]
  6. Betcha haven't heard these:
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    Hahaha!! I have to agree there are a lot of really annoying Christmas songs out there, but there are some good ones, too!

    I really love John Lennon's "Happy Christmas". What a beautiful song......but I'm a sucker for the cheesy ones, as well, like "I Wanna Hippopotamaus for Christmas"[​IMG], and "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree", and "I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause"....I love the Chipmunks one too![​IMG]

    In my defense I didn't get to celebrate as a kid so the only participation in Christmas was hearing the songs on the radio and looking at all the pretty lights, so those silly songs still hold a special place in my heart now that I really get to celebrate for real!!!![​IMG]
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    Anything by Bob Rivers is great. I love his rock parodies of Christmas songs. Also love the baroque "What's It To Ya?" chorus.

    Personally, I can't stand "Nuttin' for Christmas." My daughter's elementary school feels the need to have kindergarteners sing that song every. single. year. If that kid were mine, he would have had a switch taken to him long ago.

    Johnny Mathis singing any Christmas song is difficult for me, especially "Little Drummer Boy." Mathis sounds like he's constipated. Mannheim Steamroller (who I love otherwise) felt the need to have him sing "O Tannenbaum" for some reason.

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    [​IMG] I will admit, I like Feliz Navidad.

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