More Easter Eggers: Do I have one roo or two?


7 Years
May 29, 2012
I have three Easter Eggers and think I have 2 roos and a pullet. Help? Two were a pair from someone's family farm, one is from a feed store, hence the very different looks. The first two I think are 8-9 weeks old. The smaller one (with more white) is 7 weeks.

First is Tulip, who I am assuming is all pullet:

Behind her above and in the lower right corner below is "Daphne". I am a newbie here but he seems all 'roo, in behavior as well as with the well developed comb, big feet and red patches on his shoulder feathers:

Matilda (Matty?) is the white speckly one and is showing more male characteristics. Like frequently dueling with Daphne! I can't tell if the red on the wings is red enough to be a 'roo marker or not? Comb getting bigger/redder than my assumed pullet who is two weeks older....


Thanks! I am loving these Easter Eggers though sadly cannot keep roosters and am hoping to send them off to a friend if they are in fact male to make room for one more pullet...

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