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polk county

10 Years
Oct 20, 2009
This is a low power charger meant for rabbits. When I touch the fence wire with my feet on the soil I get a mild tingle. When I touch the grounding rod and the wire I get a severe jolt. What am I missing here? The grounding rod is 6 feet deep.




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When touching the ground rod and wire,you are grounded better,thus the more severe shock.The better a charger is grounded,the better is works.I have my charger grounded to 3-8ft. copper ground rods.
Plus, it looks like you have really sandy soil which is probably on the dry side. Take a few 5 gallon buckets of water and empty them at a spot along your fence, let it soak in (or run a lawn sprinker for a awhile) then try to touch the fence and see if that upgrades the tingle to a jolt. If so, it is probabaly just bad grounding via dry sandy soil. Could increase the number of ground rods, run a seperate ground wire in parallell, or upgrade your charger. I have both the Saco you have, and a Parmak Fieldmaster2. I only have the Saco as a backup to my Fieldmaster.
I personally never get a good jolt off of an intermittent output charger.
I know I know they are supposed to be "safer" and all that jazz, but when my cat is laying there with his tail draped across it and his whole body on the ground I'm just not really impressed.
With a tester I can get a 9.9kv reading on this thing, ever THIRD pulse, (it builds up, first pulse is like 2.2kv, 5.5kv, then 9.9kv - which is my max reading) so if you just barely touch the fence for a second you have a 1/3 chance of getting just a tingle.
My dog, and cat, were not impressed by it because they would just brush up on it and nothing would happen.

Best thing to do is run a ground wire parallel to the hot wire so that the predator practically HAS to touch both wires at the same time.

OR upgrade the fence charger.....I kinda like the older model solid state, that I have that when my same cat walked under the wire with his tail sticking straight up he screached like a bobcat and took off like a bat outta heck. (AND learned to walk over the deck instead of ducking under the fence

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