More Milking Practice (PIX)


15 Years
Apr 4, 2008
Tucson AZ
Yesterday morning I met Jennifer and young Miss Elizabeth to do some more milking practice. It was so fun! I just love spending time with them. Elizabeth is such a joy! This moment was just too precious. She was giving her Auntie Jennifer a hug.

Here she is helping to feed the goats.

Here she is playing with goats.

Goats are fun to play with... each one has a very different personality. Countess is a very friendly and patient goat. Here she is putting up with Elizabeth's bonnet on her head.


I am so mad at myself. Last night I downloaded the photos from the camera, and over half of them from yesteday's visit with the goats didn't make it to the computer, and I didn't check first to make sure they had all downloaded before deleting them from the camera!! This morning when I got ready to reduce them I found only a few were on the computer!

Hopefully I will have more chances to get some cute photos of Elizabeth and the goats in the future. In a few weeks, there will be some baby goats!! That will be fun!!
I did the same thing once! Only none of mine downloaded so I lost them all! Cute pics!

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