More questions about the actual hatching.


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Oct 29, 2012
I have two that are currently hatching. They have made good size holes in their shells. They are moving and chirping. I can see them working poking at the hole. Neither one has zipped all the way around. Do they continue just working, chipping away at the original hole making it bigger until they come out? One made the initial break in its shell about 15 hours ago, the other one not even 12 hours yet. Are they ok? Are they having trouble? Never done this before and it is so nerve wracking just sitting and watching them work so hard.
You are still in the right time frame they make a hole first to breath. The zip can come right away or 24 hours later. It can even take longer but worrying doesn't start for 24. ;)
Thank you. On one of them the chick has made a pretty big hole and can stick its beak through it and chirp.
I've seem them practically just zip right out within minutes of seeing the first little crack and then I've seen it go over 24 hours. Fact is I just had a little one come out that started yesterday at 9am so well over 24hours.

Once that big hole is made and the beak is out, usually not to long before they flop out.

Good luck and congratulations on your new chicks!

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