More Red Coturnix eggs coming to SG Coturnix Quail....


12 Years
Mar 4, 2007
I have been spending the last few days looking up old contacts and asking around for new. And so far have....

12+ Red/Red Tuxedo eggs coming
12+ Red/Red Tuxedo eggs coming from another breeder

and then

9+ Red eggs coming from Niki

And have some Fawn Ginger/Red started birds as back up from another breeder friend. Really cannot wait to get the eggs. Hoping to get some good birds out of them. Another project I think I might work on is a Golden Texas A&M....I have a chick that is about 1-2 weeks old down in the brooder...he/she is white and where there are patches of color she is golden. A BEAUTIFUL combination!
yeppers whatever they lay for the 3 days I collect and the golden pen too I think you said? Gosh i forget now may need to PM me again with what you wanted other than the reds

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