More room in the duck house.

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  1. Finaly got round to making more room in the duck house. Im stead of taking the boad off the wall I decided to just cut a door way out up the hall way. That SOB of a board is 3/4 inch thick and I fought it last year to get it up there so the darn thing wasnt coming down. The Runners lost 1 foot of because of it but never mind. They better not complain. I built a gate to hold Elliot & Gemini in their room.

    This is the big ducks side

    I built a gate across the door way to the hall, this is where Elliot & Gemini will live, we put rubber mats on the floor. I blocked the top of the hallway and the door to the right. The door to the left is into the bathroom, so I built another gate there too.


    We put wire mesh over the window, it has windows missing so boards got put up and when it gets warmer I can take them off.


    We blocked off the toilet so the ducks cant get round there and it just makes it easier when I put the mats down in there too. This room will stay empty untill I can fill it with ducks from Holderreads [​IMG]

    My gate back out to the hallway. Simple but it works and swings into the hallway.

    I hope you liked the tour of our duck house.
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    Well they'd better not complain! [​IMG] I've seen people's houses that weren't that nice!
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    OMG a human house for your ducks!!! Jeez I hope you are buying them a nice tv and dvd player etc lol ... that looks fantastic for them, my ducks would be slightly jealous [​IMG]
  4. Quote:There is now room for sleep overs if anyones ducks want to come stay the night . [​IMG]
  5. Elliot & Gemini slept in the duck house last night in their room, or so we thought. We went to let them out this morning and they has squeezed thru the gate and were in with the big ducks. The only reason I seperated them was incase the bigger ducks picked on them. They obviously didnt want to sleep in their own room.
    Now to take the gate down and add another piece of wood for the next lot of ducks coming.

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