More than i bargend for..

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9 Years
Aug 21, 2010
Central, FL
So as most of you know i was trying to let anyone of my ducks go broody, then one day i go out and find a nest out of the blue. Never seen it before. Then 3 days later have my free ranging Muscovy go wild broody on me. Then i cant find one of my other scovie hens and look under the shed to find her gone broody under the shed. both will not budge from the nests and the other Muscovy drake is just sitting around not knowing what to do because both of his girls are too busy to..well..get busy? I only wanted one to go broody and didn't even expect for them to have interest, and then have have all the free rangers going broody! In Trudy's nest she has i think 14-15 eggs and i cant even reach Bubbles and she has been going under there suspiciously for a LONG time, so she could have a bunch of eggs under her. Trudy got off her nest this morning to get a bite to eat and then she went straight back to her nest and Bubbles didn't even come out. They both went broody within 2 days of each other!
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