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May 23, 2011
Hello, I need some advice. I have 12 chickens. 2 older girls and 2- 5 month olds with a 5 month old rooster and 5- 3 month olds and 2 babies. I received a really great free coop. I put the 2 older girls in there. It has probably got room for a couple more chickens. Although when the 2 older girls were with the rest of the chickens the chickens were all pecked and put in there place around the older girls. So I moved the older girls from our temporary coop to the new free coop. So my question is I have a chance to get a another real nice coop but it only has room for maybe 5 chickens. That leaves 3 chickens out and the 2 babies (when they get bigger) that need a home. I want to know if I should put the rooster and the 2- 5 month olds with the older ladies who have taken possession of the new coop and move all the youngins in the new coop? Any advice would be great! I really don't think the rooster will like being with the older girls. He is still young and gets chased around by the older girls. Or should I get a bigger coop for 10 chickens. Not sure how to group all of them. I will have a nice big run for them all. Should I have the rooster with all the youngins in a bigger coop? Thanks for any help I can get.
Well, first, I want to know how you keep scoring free coops? (Cause I'm jealous.)

Then, I guess I'd put the 5 month olds in with the older hens. The rooster will be fine, and will help deflect pecking from the two 5 month old girls - and you can't put the younger ones in with the oldest ones, it would be cruel.

That leaves your 3 month olds in the newest coop. ...and your two chicks in the house or garage until they can be placed with the 3 month olds.

Unless you can keep on getting free coops somehow, you'd best start building and/or stop gathering chickens.
Hi Emys, thanks for the imput!
I think we are going to give that a go around and see if that works. We can always take em back out if it doesn't work. I just got a chance to aquire a salmon faverolle with 10 chicks.
So I think we will definitely need a bigger coop!. Yes I am addicted to chickens now.

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