More than one laying?


10 Years
May 28, 2010
Carson, Iowa
So, my 23 week old BR's have started laying.
Or at least one has anyway.

I got my first egg on Sunday. A small, perfect, brown egg. Then I got one yesterday. Just a little smaller, but again, perfect. My nest boxes are built in a four square set up, two on top, two on the bottom. The first egg (Which was actually a little rougher texture that the second) was found in the top right nest box. Yesterdays egg was in the bottom left.

Two of the four girls will squat when I check and I have seen at least 2 of them taking egg shells from the tuna can.

So, do you think I have one laying in 2 nests, or two in separate nests?

ETA: Also today I did see one of them sitting in the top right nest, but no egg.... yet.

ETA(again): OK, another egg today. A little larger, lower left nest. I'm thinking 2 girls laying, shopping for the right fit?
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