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    Aug 21, 2011
    Hi! I'm a new member. I've raised chickens for 25 years or so, but my questions are about ducks. I've had 4 Moscovy ducks dumped on me and I've never raised ducks. I estimate their age to be about 2-3 mos. They're living in a large cage right now and I take them out every day and put them on the ground. The feed given to me is the Purina flock raiser, but they're ready to graduate to a different feed. Here are my questions:
    1) I have 14 chickens. Can the ducks mingle with the chickens at this age? The chickens are free range.
    2) What should I be feeding the ducks at this point? I've read that they can't eat layer pellets like I feed my chickens. Do I need to feed them separately? I've read that ducks can't eat grains, so they couldn't eat scratch?
    3) I don't know where to put the ducks to winter them over. The chicken house has a cement floor and isn't big enough for them to roost on the floor. I figured the floor would be too cold on their feet. I don't have room to build them a separate pen, so I'm taking suggestions. I have a large dog carrier that I'm considering using and putting it into a shed for the ducks. Will I have to train them to go inside?
    4) How do they clean themselves during the winter when it's so cold? I don't have a pond, only a plastic kiddie pool, but they aren't quite big enough to get into it yet.

    Thanks for all your help!


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    Jul 4, 2011
    Quote:until they start laying dont give them laying mash. after they do u can.
    yes they sould mingle well unless u have a very agressive roo.
    muscovies unlike other ducks roost at night. if your too worried just put a thin layer of sawdust/hay down.
    all they nead is water deep enough to dip there head in and clean out eyes/nose. (though during the summer they r MUCH more entertaining with it.
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    Well, I am new to muscovy but not ducks so here goes.
    1. Mingling will depend on the chickens. They may go after the weird looking little waddling things. [​IMG]
    2. Starter, chick starter is fine, unmedicated. They can eat layer pellets but not until first egg as, just like with chickens, too much calcium too soon is bad. They need niacin in their water or feed though until 10 weeks. I feed my chickens and ducks the same thing Nutrena All Flock, many use Purina Flock Raiser for both species.
    3. Depending on where you are will depend on how cold resistant your structure needs to be. A dog house in a shed and free range during the day sounds good to me.
    4. I live in FL but from what I've read they will still go in a pond in winter.
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    Aug 21, 2011
    Everyone who answered my post--Thanks! I have more questions about my Moscovy ducks:
    1)So this breed actually roosts? Does it fly up to the perch and roost like a chicken, or stay on the floor?(like I said, I'm a rookie at this)
    2)What other stuff can I be feeding them right now? No grains? No scratch? Fruits, veggies, etc.?
    3)I use Purina layer pellets for my chickens. Is that OK for the ducks at the appropriate time, when they start laying? Do I put niacin in their water? Do I get that at the feed store?

    Thanks! Poleket
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    Quote:I have had Muscovies for 7 years and some have had them alot longer, I feed my chickens ducks and goose Purina Flock Raiser, always I never feed laying pellets I just put out oyster shell for the layers and they eat what they need. Muscovies will roost but they don't need too. Mine sleep on the floor on deep pine shavings. They can eat scratch but you don't want to over do on it, just a small amt. and wait till their older like 6 mos or more before giving it to them. they need a well balanced diet now for growth and feathering. when ducklings I use Brewers yeast and sprinkle on top of their feed it contains nician and helps reduce leg problems. My ducks and duckling love mealworms i buy dried. I also add regular oatmeal to their feed to cut the protein down some for the duckling just till completely feathered to make sure they don't get angel wing. Peas are a great snack for your ducklings, buy frozen and let defrost some and try feeding out of your hand or put into a swimming tub so they can swim for them. I would give them a small kiddie pool or some kind of small tub to play and swim in for now. just make sure you watch that they can get in and out with out problems. On nice warm or hot days they will love it. Once you get the hang of it you will be in love with these ducks they are very sweet and personable. And love to free range which will help to get the proper diet and all the bugs and greens they need. till winter. There is a book calledStoreys Guide to raising Ducks by Dave Holderread which is the best for helping newbies get familiar with ducks and what they need. you'll enjoy all the pictures and also talks about problems and illness. so enjoy your new babies and when you can post some pics we love pics. and
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    I use purina feeds here... mine free range during the day so they get whatever is out there.. bugs, weeds, grass etc...

    I do find mine are roosting.. for now while there duck barn is being completed there living in a horse trailer.. if your familiar some of them.. mostly the hens are roosting in the feed bunkers lol We have kiddy pools here mine all adore the water! they swim/dive like crazy.

    You can do peas, some of mine like them others are not so fond... honestly they love dandelions best.. we'll feed them by hand or float them in the water of their pools.. We have no chickens so i cannot help there and as i said we're building them there own duck barn it will have a horse mat floor w/shavings.

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