Mosher Silkie Chicks @ 8 Weeks


6 Years
Sep 10, 2013

Pepper Head View

Blue Splash Side View (Anakin)
White Splash Front View of Head/Comb (Darth Maul)

Pepper (Black/Blue, Furthest Back)
Pretty sure a Roo? Has largest comb, is the largest of the 4, hackle feathers, etc.

Darth Maul Close Up

Anakin (Side Shot of Blue Splash)

Group Shot @ 8 Weeks for Size Comparison

Pickle Close Up

Another View of Pickle

Good evening! I have 4 Silkie Chicks that are around 8 weeks old that I would like to get some opinions on for what they might be. Pepper (Black/Blue) I am 99.9% sure is a Roo. He (I will go ahead and put it out there) is the largest of the 4, has the largest comb. and is getting roo feathers in. The other 3 I am unsure of and every week I go back and forth on them. Let me know if there is a better picture I could take of one of them that would help out. It is hard to get them to stay still!
Its a bit young to tell, as Silkies are always difficult to sex until they are older, crow, or lay an egg. I'm pretty sure that Darth Maul is a pullet, and Pepper is somewhat cockerel-ish,but other than that, I can't tell. I'd wait until they are 12-14 weeks of age, and then post more photos.

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