9 Years
Feb 2, 2010
Ok, I know a lot of people are still dealing with snow and haven't seen an insect in weeks but here in SE GA just as soon as the temps begin to creep up the mosquioes swarm out of their hiding and began attacking all that have blood. I can deal with them, I have hands to swat and smash the little boogers but what about my chickens? I know when my grandparents had chickens they would build smokes in the yard to help run the bugs for some relief and I know yes chickens eat bugs but the mosquitoes here are terrible and I feel bad for the flock to have the blood drained out of them so what do you more experienced chicken owners do with this sort of issue. Please help before the mosquitoes come back out. I have spotted a few already with the last few warmer days we have had.
We have a mosquito Magnet, it runs on propane with an octenol attractant. Got it at sears and has worked amazing well for years now. This is the first year we have chickens so I'm hoping it will help their area too. It's pricey I think $200 - $500 depending on the model size, but they really do work!
I live in Georgia too
And your right these past few days of beautiful weather have brought back mosquitoes, flies and some gnats
The flies & gnats are chicken food.

So any feedback from fellow BYCers would be appreciated
I live between the wood and as soon as it gets warm we have musquitoes.
The little bugs are annoying to us but not to the chickens. i never had the feeling i had to do something against the buggers even the ticks are not a big deal to them. I think if they get the chance they eat them too.
I have ducks with the chickens free range every day and we have less insects problems since we have our chickens and ducks.
The ticks and mosquitoes where on us every day not anymore since we have our birds.
i would not buy anything before the chicken tells you they are upset with them. I don't think they will but observe them before you decide to do anything.
Good luck
My Silkies pluck them right out of mid air and eat them. We have a big mosquito problem because of woods surrounding us. I'm not looking forward to using countless cans of mosquito repellent. Our mosquito's are an all day problem, not just at dusk!
Make sure you empty out all sources of stagnant water, including pots, tarps, tires, leaves, etc.

Those mosquito magnets are expensive, not to mention refilling tank after tank of pricey propane. Not looking forward to summer.

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