Most friendly breed of duck??


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Hi guys..
I'm craving some baby ducklings..

What would you suggest for the most friendly breed? Thanks
Dutch Hookbills are the calmest, most mellow ducks I keep. My Indian Runners are a close second - not at all mellow, but very bold and inquisitive.

My Campbells are all a little more suspicious of people, even though they were raised along with the Hookbills and Runners and received the same amount of handling.

Really though, friendliness depends on the temperament of the individual bird. You could have a Campbell who's a friendly, cuddle-loving duck, or a Indian Runner who's aloof and regards you as an evil creature that should be avoided at all costs! Handling them frequently as ducklings is very important too - NO duck, regardless of the breed, is going to be "friendly" is you don't handle them and get them used to people while they're little.
Thanks! Yeah..i want eggs so i can hatch them and bond with them right away....
Right now i have 1 lonely drake that hangs out with my geese... (because all my others were killed..
But.. i had some Magpies..and even though i got them at like 2 days old, they stayed very unfriendly with people...

I was used to my favorite duck, Plucky. She was so so sweet..shed follow us all over the yard and be all over us... I miss her so much.

and i was kinda hoping to find a breed that was like that...
Here's what we were looking for (in order of priority):

Quiet (we have lots of neighbors)
Good egg layers

Over and over we were told muscovies were our best bet and a lot of peeps seem to say they are a friendly breed.

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