Most humane way to Cull?


9 Years
Mar 8, 2010
I am very new at this, but I think i am going to have to put my baby chick with the eye issue down.....and i just dont know where to begin? If someone can give me advice, she is so sick and I can not stand to watch her like this. When i took her back to the feed store they were just going to put her back in the bin, I didnt want her to get pecked to death.
Yea, this is prbably the least pleasent aspect of raising chicks. What I do is (you probably will hate this), is I take the chick out by the irrigation ditch, which is the most peaceful place around here. I put the chick down on the ground and put the barrel of my .177 cal. pellet gun at the back of the chick's head and pull the trigger. The chick's muscles lock up for about 10-20 seconds, but the brain is destroyed... it feels no pain, and makes no noise.
Sharp kitchen shears work best. You can put the chick in a bag to limit the distressing visual. People may post telling you to look into the baking soda/vinegar method or to put it in the freezer, but IMO those methods are just easier on us, not the chick. This is the downside to having animals, but if it is suffering and not getting better culling is the most humane thing to do. The shears are very fast and as horrible as it is it will be over in much less then a second.

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