Most humane. ?

Breaking way neck is usually seen as the most humane way to kill a chicken. I, personally, have never put one of my chickens to sleep so I can't give you any first hand advice. Sorry about your girl :(
I would use vinager and baking soda in an air tight tub. Put the vinager in a desperate cup put chick in the tub add baking soda and seal the lib. Sucks out the oxygen with the reaction and bird goes to sleep then dies. Any method is hard because you are taking a life but bless you for doing what is best for your bird
I agree with the baking soda vinegar its instant takes all the oxegen from the air and adds carbon dioxide. I use a large butter tub with a small yogurt cup in it holding the baking soda. straw over in small hole over the baking soda HAS TO BE AIR TIGHT. Put the chick in away from the baking soda cup put on lid add viniigar with large suringe and its over
I have to disagree. Picture yourself in a huge butter tub and someone pours in a liquid and then a powder and all the oxygen goes out of the air? You don't go to sleep you suffocate. You try desperately to breathe but can't.

Find a vet to give an injection that really puts them to sleep painlessly or maybe a neighbor can break the neck. Do whats best for the animal. Not you.

Would you put a dog or cat 'to sleep' this way? If we can't take care of their every need including taking their life when necessary maybe everyone should rethink having any pets.

I'm trying my level best to be ....I can't even think of a word right now but I can't be agreeable to this. If I were sick and had to go I would take a broken neck over a large butter tub any day.

I'm not directing this at you Dee Dee 2. I feel horrible that you have to go through this. I hope she goes quickly.
I have a chick that in spite of all my best efforts is not going to make it. What is the most humane way to put her to sleep? THANKS
Your local animal shelter might do it for free.


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