Mother hen depressed to death overnight?


Jul 16, 2016
Hi all
I had two hens (a black copper maran and a buff orp) in separate broody cages with their chicks on a deck where they could see each other and talk to each other and yeaterday we tried to move them both into a big run together to give them more space. I expected the moms to have a go to figure out who was top mom and that would be the end of it. The chicks were mingling well but the orp was head pecking the maran so we gave them separate nest boxes and everything seemed fine. This morning i came out an the maran hen has her face stuffed in the corner of her box and wouldnt come out. I pulled her our and she wouldn't stand up, i checked her all over for injuries but shes fine. Papa said the orp was squeezing itself in the box beside her to peck her head so hes put up a fence in the run but the maran is still sinking down slowly and closing her eyes and flopping to one side. Papa thinks shes depressed but i think she looks like shes going to die. Anyone else have any advice or like stories?
Her comb is turning bluish and her chicks are hunching down, i think they are cold. This is an emergency forum, can anyone help?

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