mother hen rejected chick


6 Years
Jun 21, 2013
Gates, NC
If a mother hen rejects a baby chick (she was pecking at it) does it mean the chick is sick? I checked out in the chicken pen because one hen has been laying on eggs for the past three weeks. It's a good thing I did. I took the baby chick into the house (it was only one baby) and have it in a small box with a high intensity lamp. So, how do I care for this little thing? It's really peeping right now.
This may sound weird, but you have chickens and never had chicks before? I'm not trying to be rude or anything. It is a legit
Yes, we did have chicks before. The mother hen was sitting on them (a different hen). This one hen rejected this baby. That's never happened before.
If it's not a chick she hatched, it's very common for other hens to pick on them, or even kill them. Hens who have hatched out chicks themselves are known to reject and kill them. Sometimes reintroducing them at night helps, other times for the chicks safety it's best to brood yourself.

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