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    Nov 21, 2007
    Alright. I'm just asking for a little advice here [​IMG]
    I'll be getting my driver's permit in a few weeks, and hopefully my license in December. I have a car already, an old Suzuki Sidekick. Quite a klunker, but I like it! But....I've been pretty interested in motorcycles lately. I've never even been on one, but I think they're really cool. I really would like to get one. I can't afford a nice Harley, but I was thinking an older Honda or Yamaha or something. Something smaller. I'm only 5' 4'' and maybe 135 pounds. I've seen motorcycles almost the size of a small car, and I can't picture myself being able to handle that! So what do you experts recommend? Do you recommend crotch rockets or the ''fat boys'' [if thats what they are called LOL] for first timers. Also, my parents are rather protective, and I'm not sure if they would even let me get one. Of course I'd wear a helmet and protective gear [I already have leather pants!], and drive safely, but really, how dangerous are motorcycles? As you can see, I'm pretty clueless! Oh, and what is the age you can get a motorcycle license? Same as with a car? We live in Ohio, if that helps. As far as someone to teach me, my dad used to ride motorcycles, and is considering getting one once he retires in a year or so. Also....I'm a girl! Any advice would be appreciatted!

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    As for safety, I'll quote Wiki:

    A national study by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATS) found that:
    Motorcycle rider death rates increased among all rider age groups between 1998 and 2000
    Motorcycle rider deaths were nearly 30 times more than drivers of other vehicles
    Motorcycle riders aged below 40 are 36 times more likely to be killed than other vehicle operators of the same age.
    Motorcycle riders aged 40 years and over are around 20 times more likely to be killed than other drivers of that same age.[2]
    According to 2005 data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA, 4,008 motorcycle occupants were killed on United States roads in 2004, an 8% increase from 2003.[3]

    My son would love one as well (as would I, for that matter), but there is no way. My brother, who used to ride one, calls them Donorcycles. Much depends on where you are and your own driving experience, but the other drivers on the road matter just as much. You do need a special license in most states (I'm not sure about yours).
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    I'd suggest that you wait to get a cycle until you've had your license and driven for at least a year or more.......
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    Quote:I agree. Once you start on two wheels, you must assume everything else is trying to kill you. Gain some experience in a car first, especially paying attention to your defensive skills. You might want to start with a scooter - some have displacements as large as a motorcycle (650+) and some as low as 50cc, although I don't recommend those. I have a 150cc Vespa; I get 75 mpg gallon, can go 60mph and have more fun than a fox in a henhouse.
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    I STRONGLY recommend NOT getting a crotch rocket as a first bike. They're harder to handle and much easier to drop. if you want something smaller and sportier, go for a Buell.

    something else I very strongly recommend is to learn to ride from a beginner's rider's safety course, Harley offers one called Rider's Edge, it's $250 and it can/will save your life.

    As for overall safety, my husband builds Harleys, so we have a lot of biker friends. we've buried several of them, and some of them were very experienced riders.
    I'm a skydiver and I'm often scared to ride, it's much safer jumping out of airplanes. I don't want to scare you out of riding, it is nice to go out on scenic rides. I guess my point is that there are very real risks involved, even fatal ones, and those risks need to be weighed out thoroughly and with a deep appreciation of safety.
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    Get a Honda Rebel 250cc. Light enough for you to handle, but doesn't go very fast so it won't get too out of control until you learn how to handle it. Lol get a bike first, it'll make you a MUCH better driver, believe me. I grew up on motorcycles, and I still HATE 4 wheel vehicles, so I might be a little biased lol... But yeah, stick with the Rebel, and wear a full face helmet! Yes, they suck: they're uncomfortable, you can't hear good nor can you see what's beside you without turning your head around much like an owl lol. But unless you want your face left on the pavement, wear that nasty helmet. And NEVER ride in shorts, flip-flops, and a tank top like a lot of these girls you see, that's plain stupid.

    People usually apparently have the mentality of "it's just a motorcycle" and I've had people try and share lanes with me, almost run me plum over because they apparently thought I was in their way at a red light and they didn't want to wait, I've been almost sucked under semi's, had someone slam their brakes in front of me on a 70 mph highway and sent me over their car (luckily I landed in the grass, but my bike was totalled.) I can go on and on about stupid people... But I won't. So it's dangerous, but it's worth the risk to me.
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    Neighbor's Hayabusa was clocked at 218 m.p.h. on the four-lane
    in front of our property. Awesome machine. That's with a 200 pound

    NO WAY do I want any part of that bike.

    I suggest you wait a while.

    Like the post above me, I laid one down on the road once. Car pulled
    out in front of me. Once was enough for me.

    Quick learner....I quit.
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    I just got my license and I have been thinking about it but I have to be 18 in order to drive one.
    I would ride a dirtbike for a little while just to get use to balancing and just a motorized bike. Maybe like a 90.
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    There are 2 kinds of bike riders.... those who have been in an accident, and those who are gonna be!

    Getting more experience behind the wheel of a car first is a good idea. If you can get some experience ridding a dirt bike, I strongly suggest that too!

    More often than not, people in cars and road hazards are the biggest danger. When on a motorcycle, you have to be very diligent, observe and anticipate. You'll always want to be thinking about an escape route in any situation.

    If you still really want to get a bike, a smaller Honda would be a good bike, a rebel is a good suggestion. A 250 is a good starter size bike as well. That or maybe a moped. I've ridden dirt bikes on and off since a teen, and I've ridden an old sportster on road for a few years, I still took a 2 day safety class at my local community college (25$ well spent!!) I strongly recommend you take a safety class!

    I'm female as well and close to your size.. One thing I've done to both my bikes was to remove the passenger foot pegs and get a single person seat. I refuse to ride with a passenger, I don't want the responsibility, and it removes any temptation if there's no seat or pegs!

    I currently ride a HD, Dyna Street Bob, screaming eagle upgrade, fun bike!!!! I've had to make modifications to it because of shorter arm reach and I find the newer HD's have a lower center of gravity, so it's very easy to balance even the bigger bikes. The pict below is before the new handle bars... they're on order now!!! Make sure what ever you get, "fits" you so you can ride and handle the bike safely.

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    I rode bikes for years and loved every minute of sons and I rode together...I rode my 550 Kawasaki shaft drive from Fl to Mpls with my youngest son on his 454 belt drive...when the boys moved on to live their lives, they graduated to very large Harleys and I retired from fun to ride alone and the last two trips I made to Savannah, Ga. alone were darned scary...had people trying to run me off the road on purpose...I had a number of interesting experiences on the back of those bikes...I owned and rode four different models...Suzukis and Kawasakis...I liked the smooth ride of the shaft drive...I started on a small chain drive Suzuki until I honed my skills...I think it was a 400cc...small, quick, easy to handle...I suggest you do the same...start small, develope your skills and defensive driving and then graduate to a larger, faster bike...I only laid the bike of the day down three times...once a guy pulled out in front of me in a parking lot so it was a slow roll over to keep from hitting him...he drove off laughing and left me laying in the gravel with a 650 stuck in my armpit...I am sure the paint fell off of his car with all the things I called him...I hit a sand pocket in my own drive once and rolled over...and then the boys got me on a little Honda 90 blazing through the forest on trails...we were hitting it pretty fast, them in the lead...they knew the trail and I did not and they disappeared around a corner with me hot on their butts...the ground dropped out in a sharp left and me and the bike went took me a week or so to get the dirt out of my did not hurt too bad and the boys had a good laugh at their mother's is great fun but terribly dangerous and if you fall or get hit, there is little are going to break something other than the defensive and know when to quit...

    If I were not old, fat, out of shape with two knee replacements and slower reflexes, I would be tempted to ride again...I miss those days of youth and reckless know, the young stupid days when one dares the universe to slap us like a bug...


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