Mottled D'uccle not a choice when showing at fair.

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    I have a Mottled D'Uccle. At least that's what I think she is:

    The only choices they had for our local fair was:
    Non-bearded Mille Fleur Booted
    Non-bearded Porcelain Booted
    Non-bearded White Booted
    Bearded Mille Fleur Booted
    Bearded Porcelain Booted
    Bearded White Booted

    We listed her in the Bearded Mille Fleur Booted category. We have never entered a chicken into any type of show or anything so I called the lady at the fair, she said she was putting them in the "Children's Pets" category. She said that is where they put chickens that aren't show quality. So we arrived at the fair and neither she NOR my Silkie were in the Children's Pets category. I asked the person in charge and he said "I don't think we have a Children's Pets category". I told him it was in the catalog, so he looked and it was in there, but he said he was going to keep the chickens were they were.

    I was really worried about looking like a fool, but we walked around and looked at all the chickens and there were LOTS that were far from show quality. I was also shocked at how filthy so many of them were. Some had nails that were extremely too long, some had the worst scaly legs I've ever seen, etc. I kind of thought we might have a chance to get some sort of ribbon (I know it wouldn't be a blue one) after seeing some of the other chickens, but now I'm not so sure because of the category thing.

    Oh, and they also had my white silkie listed as a Bearded Black Silkie. She's a NON Bearded WHITE silkie. They changed that on the tag.
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    Well, Bearded Mottled D'Uccle's were accepted into the Standard in 1996.

    I'm sorry you had a negative experience. Showing is a lot of fun. Try not to be discouraged. If you're interested in D'Uccles consider joining the breed club so that you can have access to quality stock and experienced breeders who will help you learn the ropes.

    Good luck!!!!
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    The small county fairs are often very restricted by varieties but should have had an All Other Feather Legged, or All Other Single Comb, etc.. I know for our local fait they only list 1-2 varieties of a breed and provide an All Other.. as well as several all other single comb, rose comb, clean leg, feather leg so that the birds can be represented for what they are without having too many classes to judge.

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