Mottled Houdan Question


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9 Years
Jul 3, 2010
Can anybody tell me if 5 toe gene for houdan is recessive or dominant? Our first chick hatched 2 days ago. Looks like mottled houdan and has 5 toes but we are not sure if its not mixed because our rooster and hens were together with bunch of other breeds too. Thot I read something bout 5 toes not forming if its not pure bred so I was wondering of anyone knew and could tell me
Not sure of the answer, but with our silkies 5 toes doesn't always happen even when they are pure. I did judge a show up north here last year and I had a lovely houdan hen in front of me, but I had to DQ her because she only had 4 toes. Had she had 5 I would have given her best of show. Keep us informed of your little one and may it be a keeper!!

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