mottled java roo x BLR wyondotte?


7 Years
Feb 28, 2013
the Willamette Valley, OR
my friend was gonna give me some fertile eggs to put under my broody and he said he had one pen with a splash orp and and some other orps that he could get me some eggs from, but he also said he could give me an egg from his BLRW and the pen it's in has only a mottled java roo. i was wondering what color that might be, maybe a sex link or a BLR with mottling or what?
Ah, and the calculator says you will get mostly solid blue and black birds that carry the mottled gene but don't show it (have mottled genotype but not phenotype).

Think of it as the Java carries primarily black genetics, with some mottling, and the BLRW carries blue genetics, with lacing (which turns out to be red, but that doesn't matter). What comes through in the breeding is the black crossed with the blue, so solid black or solid blue birds with the mottling genetics and lacing genetics carried but not shown.
the broody hen broke it and the chick died
. it looked either blue or splash but it was hard to tell.

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