Mottled JAVAS ~ Breeding Quad


10 Years
Oct 18, 2009
New Hampshire
This is for 3 hens and a rooster.




As you can see these are beautiful birds. I hatched them here from BYC members last Spring. The hens are 11 months and the roo is 13 months.

The only reason I am moving them on is that I need the breeding pen and I do not have the time and capacity for another pen. This is the smallest flock I have so they will be the ones to go. They are great birds. The hens are not snuggly but are not the hyper flighty type either.

I have their eggs in the bator now. 100% fertility with one mid way through quiter. They do very well in confinment but love to forage.

This is one of the American heritage breeds. One only needs to google this breed to find huge amounts of information on their history. I would love it if someone were interested in breeding these birds to help improve them and their numbers.

These birds as chicks

They are for pick up only. I would be willing to meet in a reasonable amount of miles.

Please feel free to ask questions.

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