Mottled Lavender Orpingtons


Apr 30, 2020
These babes are the sweetest. Straight run. Hoping for some pullets! I've never had such friendly chicks. One of them rushes out of the brooder and runs right up to my lap every time.

I've been told orps are hard to sex...or to sex by comb...or that pullets get their tail feathers So many ways ;)

Anyone see a gender jumping out at you yet? I am hoping for one rooster out of the bunch. They are 3 weeks old.

97279332_3500193066662433_5189390374216400896_n.jpg 100508699_3539760496039023_3994168144733143040_n.jpg 100686221_3539760536039019_4719405194075439104_n.jpg 100770208_3539760439372362_4508599772461924352_n.jpg 100771996_3539760606039012_4455026729823502336_n.jpg
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We are new chick “parents” and have 2 LO’s and 3 barred rock chicks. Although the BR’s are a week older and twice their size they all get along, even sleeping on each other! One of the LO’s started out sickly,Nellie, but we worked with her giving her electrolytes and vitamins and she looks healthy now.
I wasn't planning on getting any more chicks right away but these kind of fell in my lap..and I've always wanted orps! I've heard they are really docile sweet birds. So far that seems true to the ones I have.

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