Mottled Silkies - what to and what to not do


Jun 27, 2019
Tallahassee, FL
I recently acquired a nice black mottled silkie boy. He's gorgeous and I absolutely adore him ❤
I am planning on pairing him up with a few black silkie girls, as soon as his quarantine time is up. He has a pea comb, I think? Will pairing him with dark skinned, walnut combed silkie girls, make the offspring skin and combs darker too? Will all chicks have walnut combs or is there still a possibility for pea combs to pop up? I know the first generation will be split to mottled. How many

gerations does it take for skin and combs to become darker? Or will they stay red because of the mottled gene? Any words on wisdom as to what to look out for and what to avoid?
Thank you in advance for any info :)

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