Mounted chicken with injuries - help

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    Jan 22, 2011
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    My Buff Orphington Roo has taken quite the liking to my Easter Egger.
    There is damage on her back from him mounting her, but that's not what I'm really worried about.
    The area around her vent has lost a bunch of feathers and it looks like there are some scabbed over parts.
    She hasn't laid an egg for 3-4 days, which she always laid daily, skipping only once.
    They are 7 months old. The rest of the flock don't seem to have this problem, and he is mounting them too.
    Any suggestions?
    I currently have her separated from the roo.

    #1 - EE with injured back
    #2 - close up of back
    #3 - close up of underside near vent

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  2. Yes, keep her isolated for a few days and let her heal... Poor girl. Use some neosporin on her, antibiotic ointment... Other birds could be picking at her vent, so maybe some blu kote? I think thats what its called... The other birds will leave her vent alone...
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    If she is a favorite, you'll need to get a chicken saddle for her to protect her back. Or pen the rooster part time to give them (her) a break. As for her vent area, have you checked her closely for mites or lice??? Look closely at her skin/feather shaft bases in that area (and under her wings) to rule that out. The only other thing I can figure is that other hens are pecking at her feathers back there??? Are you sure it's scabs rather than poo clumps?? If not, give her a warm bath in the sink tomorrow to clean that area for a better inspection maybe... The blue kote Nova mentioned will most likely help deter others if others or feather plucking...

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