Mouse Plague!! HELP

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by birdnutz, Oct 26, 2008.

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    Mar 6, 2007
    Of course the guineas chased off the snakes but haven't developed a taste for mice [​IMG]. Boy it is getting bad out there. Have tried one of the metal catch them alive type traps for multiple mice. The tend to pack in straw etc. and block open the door. Can't use poison because my ducks will eat dead mice(can't catch the living ones)LOL But was thinking about the ketch all mouse traps. Has anyone tried these?
    The chicken house I can use poison,because my overfed little bantams wouldn't even think of dirtying there bills on something as gross:sick as a mouse. But the first thing you read is to make all food unavailiable. How do you do this and still feed your chickens?
    I have a bucket trap out there, but it's not even making a dent in the population. ANY input is appreciated. I'm scared that they'll start moving into my house. The thought has even crossed my mind to give up and get rid of my poultry. Please help!!

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    Don't give up!! Keep feed in containers with lids! Get the victor mouse traps and set them with peanut butter on them. Try not to spill feed.
    Lots of luck!!
  3. Before you decide how to rid yourself of the mice, do a complete cleanup of your coop, remove all bedding, and check for rodent entry points. As you've said straw is a mouse attractant, especially if wet. We use hay bales but they are placed where they can't get wet. Check any walls and especially insulaton where mice can nest. Deal with these first. Also, is all feed contained in rodent-proof containers? Don't forget to clear your run of spilled feed/treats. We don't feed outdoors because the feed stayed dry in the coop and can be more easily controlled. This is a BIG job.

    Even if you rid yourself of these mice, exposed feed will attract new ones. This is the time of year in the northern hemisphere during which rodents move indoors. Do you have a spare room like a feed room where the chickens can be moved temporarily while you deal with the coop? If not you'll have to place your chickens in the run as you examine your facility.

    We don't have mice on our farm. The reason is concrete floors, attention to feed control and 25 feral cats that roam through and around our barn, but which can't get to our birds. We were warned that having chickens would attract rodents but the cats control them, absolutely. In fact they have to go 1/4 mile to another farm to get any!





    I'm leery of poisons for a lot of reasons, especially knowing that unintended victims can get to the toxin with devastating results. We use a cellopak of mothballs (naphthalene) in the base of our water system to repel any ambitious rodents but they're placed so that nothing larger than a mouse could reach them.

    These are personal comments, I know you are feeling discouraged and need results. It might require a rodent-copntrol specialist so that any poisons used are placed, and later removed. I hate them, so much can go wrong.
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    All the above advice is good advice. We are in the country with woods and all kinds of little animals around us. We once had a chipmunk that was running in and out of the little chicken door and grabbing bites, but for the most part have not much trouble with mice and have never seen a rat. We don't keep the bagged feed near the chickens and it's all in tightly closed containers. Even plastic totes and garbage pails are better than nothing. Of course they do always have a full feeder in the coop, but our chickens will kill and eat a mouse in no time. (that is, after they have run all over the yard, taking turns dragging it by the tail)

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    I don't know how well the Katch-all would work. We've had good luck using shoeboxes (with a hole cut in each side) with a layer of sticky traps in the bottom (lid then placed back on and brick on top so chooks won't move it). Use a larger box flipped upside down with a couple of big Victors (bait tied to treadle) under it for the occasional rat.

    The advice above is excellent: clean and patch (remember reading a post on the other board a few years ago about a member who had a whole mouse farm expanding under the primary layer of wood chips and straw in the coop (raked off top layer and exposed the party).

    You could also try the plaster of paris mixed with powdered sugar trick (apparently the mice/rats get permanently `set').

    I'm scared that they'll start moving into my house. The thought has even crossed my mind to give up and get rid of my poultry. Please help!!

    Well, in general, I object to these, but they'd put your mind at ease (haven't seen an unmutilated mouse for over a year, now).
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    Quote:You need to rethink this. Even well fed little bantums can, do and will eat mice. Poison in the chicken house a HUGE no-no.
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    Mar 6, 2007
    Bought poison for my garage. But I did get 3 repeating tom cat traps for the other areas. Hopefully this will help cut the population! Thanks everyone for there suggestions.

  8. the1much

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    glue traps ,, will even catch the ones so small they wont set off the rugular ones,, you can even stick bait on them,,,, but i REALLY, really,,,,,did i stress REALLY wouldnt use poison,, the minute you do is when your birds will decide to try mouse snacks.
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    two words: Barn cats!!!!

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    i stoppe dusing posion mouse bait in my house, i was just to scared that one of my cats would eat one and get very sick..its just not worth it...i use the box traps..where they climb inside and get killed then i just throw away the traps..i also use those sonic plug in things..that are supposed to deter them...
    Question about the sonic ones?...can rabbits, guinea pigs hear the sonic noise?..and birds also?...

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