Mouse traps

I would try the plastic ones you have there, I used the old fashioned mouse traps with the metal clamp thingy, we thought we caught a mouse and it was a woodpecker!!!!
I felt soooo bad!
I use Snap-E mouse traps and love them!

We get deer mice in our house when it rains heavily for days. They are too quick and smart for the standard wooden Victor traps. I'd often find the traps sprung with no mice. Snap-E's are very easy to use, and the bar snaps down on them much quicker. I don't use the cover that they sell for the thing because I want to see right away if I caught a mouse. I once set one in the back of a cabinet under the sink and I forgot about it for months until one day I was trying to locate the source of a really terrible odor. There was a decaying mouse in the trap and it was leaking its fluids. Nasty and very disgusting to clean up. I now keep the traps in plain sight

For rats near my chicken coop, I use the Rat Zapper. It kills mice and other critters too, and is usually quite easy to dump out and clean, but once there was a big banana slug in the thing when a rat set it off, and they both got zapped. The slug looked like jelly!
I've used them and they work like a charm. They are really simple to set, too. The only problem I had with mine was they would sometimes just vanish. POOF! Gone. I assume that something got partially caught in them and they were carried away. They are very light...much more so than the wooden ones. I liked them. I would recommend them.

Good luck.
I use a similar type of plastic reusable trap, they work great. Much better than the old wood ones. They're easier to set, much less likely to catch your finger, and they really catch the mice. I use peanut butter, and spread a bit under the trigger as well as on top.
i cant view the links at work but i tried a few different types of trap a few years ago and none of them were very successful until i tried sticky traps which are basically a pad of glue that the mouse runs across and gets stuck.

they were the only ones that worked for me. some of the others looked good but when i checked them later the bait was gone and the trap was still there!
a while back i was watching "call of the wild man" and he said to take a five gallon bucket and fill it half full of water and put enough corn meal or dry dog food in the bucket to cover the bottom 1 in of food he said it is the best type of trap you can use

hope it works for you please let us know if it works if you decide to use it

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