Move out day! Heat/light lamp or no?


8 Years
Apr 4, 2011
Near Seattle
Hi there, today is the big day! I'm just wondering... with lows in the 40's at night... do the girls need a light or heat light out in their new coop? They've been spending days out side for a few days now (60 degrees or so), and inside at night... what do you think? Thanks!

I should probably say they are 8 weeks and 7 weeks and have all their feathers.
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A 125 watt bulb was way too hot in my enclosed outdoor brooder at nights, even when it was in the 50's. So I swapped it out for a regular household 75 watt and it was perfect.

Here it is way too warm for brooder lights in the day now. It's like 90 today.
When I pulled the heat bulb after it finally warmed up here, I tried to replace it with a regular night light. It did not go well, and I ended up getting a red 25 watt bulb instead. After being so accustomed to the red light, this made them much happier.
No heat needed. They are old enough and acclimated. And they will love being outdoors.

If you did put a heat lamp out there, I wouldn't be surprised if they slept away from it.
Mine moved out at about the same age and it was chilly and damp here when they did. Even though they had plenty of feather I still hung the heat lamp in a corner and they enjoyed napping and "sun" bathing under it. I have a large coop though so it didn't heat up the whole thing, just the small area under it.

Edited to add: Like ddawn said, mine did not sleep under the lamp at night but went to their roost. It definitely wasn't a necessity! I think maybe mine were spoiled and just liked having their warm spot to nap and sun bath during the day when it was chilly and damp out, and it made me feel better too! Wasn't long before they abandoned it altogether.
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they have been off the inside heat lamp for awhile and the house temp is 68. So... if I don't give them a light, even a 75... they will just sleep together to keep warm, right? If I go out and check on them tonight and they are shivering, I could always plug it in... 40's seems like a rude awakening though! And the hen house is 4X4 and I'm thinking of keeping the vents open all night.... nervous new chicken momma here
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