Moved chicken house and hen stopped laying

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    Jan 26, 2014
    I am a newbie but haven't had problems. I have five chickens and they have been laying for about four months. For reason not important I moved chicken hutch from one side of the house to the other. One chicken (I know which one as she is the only one with green eggs) immediately stopped laying and prior she seldom missed a day with her green eggs. I figured there may be an adjustment to the move but it has been three weeks now. I followed several threads but couldn't find an answer to a similar situation. Any thoughts to share?
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    Chickens hate change and can get stressed by it easily, which will throw them off laying for awhile. I think this may be the case here, unless your green egg layer decided she doesn't like the set-up and is laying somewhere else? Have you looked for hidden nests?
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    Hidden nest in range area if you free range.
    Also, daylight has shortened considerably in the past week or so in the northern hemisphere triggering molting and production slowdowns, so that could be playing into things also.

    If you add your location to your profile it can really help folks give better answers to your inquiries.

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