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Jun 20, 2016
ok a question for you. We've had heavy rains here lately and the laying boxes got a little damp. I took a moment to put down some dry bedding on top (it was 9ish at night so I didn't replace it). It was then I noticed there weren't any eggs in their favorite box (1 out of 2). Instead, they laid near their entrance door. This was last night. Just now I went out to the coop and while it didn't rain today, they still laid their eggs near the door instead of the laying boxes.

There hasn't been any major changes except in bedding. I found out when I had to buy pine shavings that one manufacturers "fine flake" isn't the same as another's "fine flake" was more like sawdust. Not really happy about it, but I can't go buying bedding on a whim.

What do y'all think? What's going on?
Hens won't lay in wet boxes. Once one changes to a different spot many will follow suit. Get the wet bedding out, and you may have to put fake ceramic eggs to lure them back. I would also put something on the new nest spot like a bucket to deter them from using it.

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