Moved the chicks today! and they are multiplying


11 Years
Feb 26, 2008
I made the big move out to the coop today. After a week of 70-80 degree weather, wouldn't you know that today was in the 40's, but they had to be moved. They were outgrowing the brooder, even though I laid it out huge, and starting to peck one another. I had to grease several butts before bedtime last night. It just couldn't be put off. My original order was for 105 chicks from Cackle. a neighbor was getting 55. Cackle sent three extras, so I ended up with 52 chicks. When I moved them today I counted them again and there was 53!
Where did she come from?? I counted them twice, once getting them out of the brooder and a second time putting them in the coop. There is definitely 53.

I'm a little worried about the cold, but I've placed two heat lamps out there. The barn where they have been isn't heated, but it sure seems colder in that coop, than in the barn. Its suppose to warm back up tommorow.

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