Moving. 4Hens 1 Roo FREE with Coop etc AUSTRALIA NSW


8 Years
Sep 27, 2011
Gold Coast QLD Australia
Hi Im in New South Wales....Wollongong. Im moving up to Brisbane in 5 months time.....cant take my chickens with me. I have recently been married & Im going to move from NSW to Qld in about 5 months. I cant take my beloved brood with me

I have a coop that you can also have for free.
I have 3 laying hens (about 18months old) and a Silky Roo, aged 24 months. I have one meat chicken (20weeks) that I saved but isnt walking very well. I keep her separate from the others as they chase & peck the poor thing.
I will post a pic of them & the coop. I also have a flimsy run I did up if you want that as well. All FREE!!!

Pick up only.
I would really like them to go to a good home. The roo is very tame. You can pick him up & cuddle him & pat him. I put him in the garage every night in his own little pen (which you can also have for free). The meat chicken also has her own cage that sits on top of the roo's pen at night.
I got the roo from the RSPCA about 12 months ago. His name is Rocky & he is my baby. Like I said, you can sit him in your lap for ages & pat him....a real cutie. The red hens name is Pumpkin, a black one called Daisy & another black one called Sweet-Pea. The white meat chicken is called Porcelain. All very sweet chickens.

Ok....Here's the pic. If you're interested, let me know on BYC's reply to this thread & then I can give you all the details, phone numbers etc.
The coop with run-FREE Porcelain (18weeks) FREE The girls (18months) FREE Beautiful Rocky (24months) FREE

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