Moving 800 miles with 10 chickens


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Dec 10, 2020
I've searched the forums and have read lots of great advice on how to keep chickens contained and comfortable for long distance trips. But, I can't seem to find definitive information on whether its ok to have them in an enclosed moving truck. It will be in the winter, so I don't expect heat to be a factor. I know other ways might be more ideal (van, suv, truck bed, horse trailer), but we have some furniture and household things to move as well.

We would certainly strap everything in so it doesn't move, and give them enough space around crates for airflow. And, we would check on them during the drive (w/water). We are going to try to drive straight through and avoid stopping overnight.

Thoughts? Is there enough fresh air for them?
I've read a ton about the crates -- wire dog crates (will have a cover on them so they can't stick their heads through), & smaller plastic pet crates. Both with mats so they don't slip. Both with pieces of wood around them so they are not pushed together and don't move. Both w/water nipples so they can get water without spillage. Apples and oranges for hydration as well.

My concern is the actual space -- using an enclosed truck.

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