Moving a chicken to a new coop


May 28, 2017
Hey BYC! I'm currently working on integrating my new hen into my flock. Everything is going really well and she'll be moving into the main coop soon.
I have a question, however. In my last integration process with my bantams they followed the bigger girls into the coop every night even before they were officially accepted. Right now, my newbie flies over the fence and onto our patio and roosts on top of the rabbit hutch until I put her in the coop for the night.
This would be okay except although we live in a low-predator area I'm worried about her being in such an exposed area. Because chickens don't like to move in the dark I'd prefer her to go into the main coop on her own. Right now I don't like to keep them locked in there together except at night when they're asleep - for now I've been getting up early to ensure they don't keep pecking her in the enclosed area. Is there a way I can get her to go into the coop without locking her in there?
Sorry for such a long question - any advice would be appreciated. Thanks everyone!


8 Years
Jan 14, 2012
Conway SC
I always put the chickens in a new coop at night and close the coop door----my coops have windows so in the morning the coop lights up inside from daylight. I have then to stay in the coop a couple hours after its light good so they can get use to the inside. When I open the door I just let them come out on their own. A little before dark I have a automatic dim light come on in the coop for a couple hours only which kinda draws most(some times I am dealing with 50 to 100 chick/chickens) into the coop---sometimes I have to go out just after dark and place some inside on the roost. Usually after a couple nights they all go into the coop. Then after a few more nights---the light is not used anymore.

The one you got needs a Wing feathers trimmed so it does not fly over the wire---that will probably fix that problem. Good Luck!

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