Moving chickens into new coop and run

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    Well, my everlasting project on the new chicken house is nearly completed - I started late last year but almost as soon as I started the weather turned and it just rained and rained and rained - then spring came and I was super busy at work - however i have been pecking away at it and before long should be able to tear down the old chicken house and move the chickens into a spiffy new home. My question is, what do I need to do to ensure they realize this is their new home and where they need to roost and lay eggs? Any advice about moving them into a new hen house will be most appreciated.

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    I'd leave them locked in the coop for a few days. Chickens don't like change. If they get the chance, they will go back looking for their old coop and no telling where they will wind up roosting or laying. Often, three days is enough but sometimes it takes an entire week. If your new coop is fairly spacious for the number of chickens, you should not have any trouble confining them that long in the coop, but watch for feather-picking or worse.

    You can also try locking them in the combination coop and run if you have a run attached to the new coop and the old coop is not in that run, but you can easily wind up with them laying or roosting in the run instead of the coop.

    Don't be surprised if laying drops off a few days. The stress of change can affect egg laying, but they should get back to normal laying as they get used to their new coop.

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